Born in Ourense, Spain, fashion designer Kina Fernández decided to travel to Paris at a young age, drawn by her interest in the world of fashion. Guided by her characteristic curiosity and determination, Kina began a learning process that still continues to this day.

After honing the skills acquired in the ateliers of Paris, Kina decided to return to Galicia, settling down in A Coruña, where she opened a small clothing shop. Business flourished and this led her to begin producing her own line, which, in addition to supplying her own shop, also allowed her to sell through other outlets. In 1979, Kina took things to the next level by investing in manufacturing.

In the 90’s Kina joined the design collective Moda Gallega (Galician Fashion) and began to participate in the catwalks of Luada. At this time she starts presenting her collections in international formats, showing at both the Universal Exposition of Seville in 1992 and the Lisbon World Exposition in 1998.

Kina showed on the Cibeles Catwalk for the first time in 1998 where she has presented her collections every year since. In 1999, Kina took her collection to the runways in Paris, showing at the Louvre Carrousel and, in the same year, she inaugurated her first shop in Madrid, in the heart of the exclusive Salamanca neighbourhood, closely followed by other shops at different key locations in Spain.

In 2009 Kina became a member of ACME (Association of Creators of Spanish Fashion), a professional not-for-profit organization that is composed of designers from all over Spain.

The professional trajectory of Kina Fernández’s career has been recognized and awarded by many different organizations and media; honouring her visions as both business woman and fashion designer.

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